Imagine a world where ‘green’ is more than just a buzz word, but a completely different way to live; a healthier way that’s good for you and good for the planet. Imagine Romeciti…one of Australia’s most sustainable real estate developers.



Romeciti creates high end residential developments for property upgraders and facilitating a wellness lifestyle for residents. With a focus on creating a holistic living experience through a combination of elegant residences, green spaces, sustainability and community activities, every Romeciti development creates a true wellness experience.


With an in-depth understanding of the demand for quality green living residences, Romeciti’s is leading the way with our “Natura” and “Green” Series projects. Both series feature stunning architecture, engaged communities, stunning apartment design and incorporate the latest in home technology and services. Each project also benefits from our multi layered landscape strength based on 5 elements including local eco systems, health and fitness, active social life, technology, and culture and the arts.


Romeciti creates security for residents by providing ongoing property maintenance and upgrade services for all properties. This Green Guard Service creates greater value for each owner with constant management of properties and projects ensuring the highest standards in ongoing maintenance and continuing to improve projects well into their lifetime. Creating an easy, direct point of contact for residents, the Romeciti service team becomes a reliable pillar for the owner throughout the property’s lifetime. If you have any problems/concerns with your current Romeciti residence, please call us on 02 8188 0252 or email


Romeciti believes that a happy, engaged community is the living heart of every great city. Creating wellness through community and lifestyle builds communication and creates friendships that foster strong, happy communities. Romeciti holds regular activities and lifestyle events relating to wellness, luxury and lifestyle, making it easier for our residents to choose a healthy lifestyle, without compromising on quality, comfort and liveability.