Another nursery augments Romeciti’s green credentials.

Romeciti is pleased to announce the recent purchase of the Camden Nursery in Camden, NSW. The purchase of this business augments Romeciti’s already extensive supply of native plants and greenery and sees the company well placed to continue to deliver on it’s company philosophy of green cities.

Spread over 43 acres of land, this vast nursery has been a source of locally grown flowers, shrubs and greenery as well as, providing landscaping expertise throughout the region for twenty years. Complimented by a large dam to ensure a plentiful supply of water all year round, this acquisition ensures that Romeciti will be able to provide the finest native greenery across all properties both current and future.

With a combined purchase price exceeding $10 million, for both Camden and the previously announced North Rocks Greenery, the acquisition of these two nurseries has afforded Romeciti the opportunity to revise and bring in mature plants and flowers to upgrade the landscape at the Maida Green 1 development in Epping. Additionally, the benefits provided by the extensive second nursery has allowed Romeciti further opportunities to revise their future projects to ensure that the mature plants needed to populate the gardens will be available to them as each project enters the final stages of development.

Romeciti’s has made providing the finest quality in both units and the accompanying landscapes, a centrepiece across all their properties. This has been most clearly demonstrated in Romeciti’s Eastwood Collection and Natura residences in Macquarie Park, with the combined properties boasting well in excess of 10,000sqm of gardens and greenery between them. With Romeciti now the proud owner of these two stunning nurseries, they not only lay claim to an exclusive and vast supply of native plants, but receive the benefits that the experienced teams of landscapers bring to their property portfolio.

This combination of factors has effectively given Romeciti a strong advantage in the shifting marketplace safe in the knowledge that they have a steady supply of mature plants consistently available to them, as projects demand. Additionally, the benefits to Romeciti residents will come not only in the form of vibrant mature landscapes, but will also present opportunities for current and future residents, to take part in Romeciti community events, and trips designed to take advantage of being conducted within a more naturalistic setting, enhancing their ‘green life’ experience.


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