Romeciti COVID-19 Support guideline

We know this is an extremely difficult time for many of our customers and we want you to know that we’re here to help. We’ll get through this together.

The building's health and safety facilities upgradation

To combat the current COVID-19 epidemic, Romeciti has launched a series of building health facilities upgradation plan, within which includes introducing the latest technology of fresh air system to improve the hygiene of the building’s public indoor space, upgrading the intelligent sanitary bathroom ware to solve the shortage of “toilet paper”, custormisable “smart home” upgradation, and more.

Rommie continues to protect your community

As the “guardian” of the Romeciti community, Rommie will always be together with the residents of the community and provide many kinds of supports and helps to the residents.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, Rommie and Romeciti “green life” platform have been closely watching the community living conditions, providing scarce supplies such as masks to community residents for free; assistance to vulnerable groups such as the elderly; supplying disinfection products to the community; helping the businesses in our community to overcome the difficult situation, and more.

In the Romeciti community, you have Rommie’s continued protection!

Low interest rate loans to help your dream come true

Everyone who dream of owning their own property should not miss the opportunity just because of the temporary economic difficulties!

At this critical moment, to help the want-to-be owners, Romeciti Group has launched the “Vendor Financing Service” that implements an ultra-low interest rate of only 5% during this difficult period to help you owning your dream property in Australia !

Digital solution of property management

Due to the uncertainty of current situation caused by the Pandemic, Romeciti is committed to create a “no-touch” property management service system based on ‘cloud’ solution which has officially launched.

Through the “cloud” management solution, users will be able to remotely conduct a series of actions, such as VR viewing, inspection, repair claim, environment inspection, etc., Without the need of physically attending the locations, they can still inspect and manage their own properties through our cloud platform without any hassle.