It is not difficult to imagine the success of the luxurious apartment that is Eastwood Central I, the latest project by ROMECITI, had you witnessed the scene at the grand opening. In a personalized style of design, Eastwood Central I features natural lighting and air ventilation for an organic lifestyle. The custom designed apartments will also have world-class interior finishes, Miele kitchen appliances, and premium marble bench top and so on.

A long queue was established at an astonishingly early hour of 7AM. Excitement and thrill filled the air as the queue grew longer and longer. Eastwood Central I opened at 8AM, to a crowd that was excited and ready, to greet the sales people with generous offers. Only 20 minutes after the opening at 8:20AM, an endless stream of people were already occupying the entire opening event, occasionally giving out cheers of joy that indicates a successful deal and happy new homeowners. At 8:37AM, eager customers had napped a staggering 80% of the apartments, leaving out only 20% that the rest of the buyers were desperate to get their hands on. The cooling temperature of 20 degrees seemed almost unrealistic, comparing to a scene that was boiling with enthusiasm. The last one of the apartments was sold out around 9:00AM, surrounded by the applauses and cheers by the attended crowd. The final moment was a pure celebration for both hardworking ROMECITI employees and their happy clients.

An enormous team of lawyers did not miss out on helping the new owners of Eastwood Central I on finishing up the contracts. In addition, ROMECITI surprised their valued clients with delicate gift packages, just to add to an extra level of joy and excitement. As a group of people who take priority in the clients’ satisfaction, ROMECITI graciously takes pleasure in its clients’ smiles, which in turn demonstrates its top quality services.

The extremely successful launch manages to continue the launch sellouts that ROMECITI takes much pride in. While it might be the market consensus that a cooler wind will be, or even already starting to be breezing through the Sydney property market, a complete sellout of both residential and commercial showcases customers’ enthusiasm towards ROMECITI projects, and a deep faith that they have in our brand.

ROMECITI keeps a strong awareness on the significance of the idea of a home, and understands how delicate a choice it is for the customers to purchase a property for both themselves and for their families. Ultimately, ROMECITI’s efforts, such as the exquisite design, the premium location, and an embodiment of the ‘3S’ principle (School, Shopping, Station) have won over the customers, among them a whopping 90% made purchases for their own living rather than for investments.

Keeping a focus on the ‘people-oriented’ philosophy, ROMECITI is committed to provide a place that every one of its clients can wholeheartedly call home, through top-notch living and a natural fusion with the local community.


Developments | 11.01.2016
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