Eastwood Central II

Romeciti believes “SMART HOME” is the future trend in residential apartments. As people’s living habits and needs are constantly changing with the development of technology and the social environment, Romeciti is aiming to upgrade the buildings in order to fulfil the various needs of our residences.

With this goal in mind, “The Eastwood Collection Smart Home Customization Upgrade” project is now fully launched, whose purpose is to ensure that our buildings keep up with the latest technology development and also trying to bring a smarter and more convenient lifestyle for our residents.

Process and Timeline:

17 June – 6 July

Apply Online

You can apply by filling up the following forms, selecting the upgrades you like, quantities, as well as the areas. If you have any other requirements, please leave a note on the “Message” board or contact Rommie directly.
A confirmation email with payment information will be sent after receiving your application, and the order will be processed only upon the payment received. To ensure the application success, the payment should be made within 5 working days after received the confirmation email and before the due time of 6 July 2020.

10 August – 10 September


We will arrange the technician to carry out the installation upon receiving the products. The installation may take 1-5 working days according to the complexity of the upgrade.


1. All the installation will be gradual arrange after settlement.

2. This upgrade provides basic and typical facilities of the SMATR HOME system. Owners can explore more after the construction completed.