Focus on Philanthropy and Fulfil Our Social Mission | The Third Australian Wool Forum and Golf Tournament Sponsored by Romeciti “Green Life” Came to a Successful End


“…Australian Wool Innovation Limited does not create direct profits for its shareholders. However, practically all the wool woolgrowers have been willing to donate 2% of their greasy wool’s sales price as a wool tax to Australian Wool Innovation Limited…”


From August 12th to 13th, the third Australian Wool Forum and Golf Tournament was held in Nanshan Riverside Oaks Golf Resort. As the sponsor of this charity event, Rommie from Romeciti was invited to attend the forum and the charity dinner.




Sharing a vision for focusing on philanthropy and fulfilling its social responsibilities, both Romeciti and Rommie are committed to promoting the positive ideas and practices of “Green Life” to the wider public and bringing benefits to more people!






Jointly sponsored by Nanshan Group and Australian Wool Innovation Limited, the Australian Wool Forum is now in its third year. It has provided excellent opportunities for those in the wool trade to exchange and communicate – a celebration of 25,000 woolgrowers in Australia.


“…we have organized this event to build a platform for those in the wool trade to form business ties, and promote better exchange within the industry…”

— Nanshan Group
Every year, 76% of the world’s superior wool comes from Australia. Australian Merino wool has been recognized as one of the whitest and softest wool fibres the world has ever seen. Australian wool and related research have gained wide international popularity and been applied in various fields.
On the other hand, however, the woolgrowers and business people in sheep breeding and wool supply industry cannot benefit directly from these achievements. And what is worse, due to the current world situation and economic environment, they can hardly enjoy the economic success brought by the superior wool.


The Australian Wool Forum aims, first of all, to help Australian woolgrowers promote their superior Merino wool to the rest of the world through wool studies and innovations; and secondly, to enable all woolgrowers to share in the economic success and accomplishments of the wool industry by holding such a grand event.


A Not-for-profit Company, AWI


Since its first event in 2017, the Australian Wool Forum and Golf Tournament has become an annual grand celebration that the local woolgrowers all look forward to. The event features a special corporate value and operational philosophy of its organizers.


One of the event’s sponsors is Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), a not-for-profit company owned by over 25,000 Australian woolgrowers as its shareholders. International Wool Secretariat (IWS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AWI.
AWI’s capital comes partly from the tax paid by Australian woolgrowers and partly from government funding. It is committed to quickly and widely promoting research results and project developments to the producers and the market.

Australian Wool Innovation Limited does not create direct profits for its shareholders. However, practically all the wool woolgrowers have been willing to donate 2% of their greasy wool’s sales price as a wool tax to Australian Wool Innovation Limited. This is because the company is a not-for-profit institution representing Australian woolgrowers and helping them promote Australian Merino wool worldwide.



Nanshan Group


As a leading private joint-stock enterprise ranking the top among China’s Top 500 Enterprises, Nanshan Group has played a significant role and made tremendous contributions to the Sino-Australian wool industry.


Since the founding of Nanshan Fabrics and Garments, Nanshan Group’s wool industrial chain has evolved to cover the purchase, wool top processing, spinning and dyeing, spinning fabric, advanced ready-to-wear tailoring and brand operations, etc. It has grown into an international leading production base of spinning and compact spinning fabric, as well as advanced ready-to-wear.


Nanshan Group has formed close ties with AWI along the way. In 2013, the two jointly launched the world’s first and only one wool innovation centre at Nanshan; In 2014, AWI and Nanshan University established a wool education centre. The Arcano series products, jointly developed by both parties, have made many breakthroughs in wool innovation. Through all these efforts, we have made outstanding contributions to Australian wool promotion and wool industry development.


A Grand Gathering of over 20,000 woolgrowers and business people in the wool industry



As usual, the event was held at the Riverside Oaks Golf Resort, the only 36-hole golf course in Sydney.


The event was comprised of three important sessions, namely, the Wool Innovation Forum, the Nanshan Cup Golf Tournament and the Charity Dinner and Auction. The event invited prominent figures from the industry to gather and discuss wool research, development, and innovation, dedicated itself to improving the long-term productivity, profitability, and sustainability of Australian woolgrowers.


Rommie participated in the event on behalf of Romeciti and felt deeply impressed by the great boost that wool innovation had brought to the Australian wool industry and was touched by the pure joy of the herdsmen.



The players, mainly wool auctioneer, growers, farmers and wholesalers in the industry, became pro-golfers in all their poise and grace after getting dressed in golf shirts prepared by Nanshan Group and displayed their skills throughout the course. Although it is an amateur competition, we all felt great joy and passion. Rommie had an enthusiastic experience, too.



Romeciti Club from Romeciti Group took part in the competition. In the stunning natural beauty of the resort, clubs and their members had a happy outdoor activity and made many friends.
As always, a Charity Dinner and Auction was held, marking the successful conclusion of the event. Rommie attended the auction on behalf of Romeciti and made a donation to the Australian wool industry. It is reported that all the funds raised at the charity dinner party will be provided to institutions and organizations in need to assist their growth and to support the development of charitable causes.


“Joy shared with others is better enjoyed.”


To let more share in the economic success and the sense of pride and joy is the original intention of the Wool Innovation Forum, and is the fundamental principle of Romeciti’s “Green Life” philosophy.


It is our sincerest wishes and simplest social responsibility to share the wonder and joy of life, as well as the benefits brought about by the “Green Life” philosophy with more and more people.

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