Marketing Industry Events at Natura

As a pioneer and leader in green technology housing development in Australia, the Romeciti Group has always focused on the renewal and development of technology and emerging talent, and is committed to working with universities and related organisations to support and assist university students in their lives, employment and entrepreneurship as a key part of the Romeciti development program.

With the support of the Romeciti Green Technology Centre, the Romeciti 2022 campaign to support university students in entrepreneurship and incubate emerging projects was launched last Thursday. Romeciti Green Life partnered with Dr Theresa Teo professor and founder of AlphalMM Agency, at the Rome Club in Natura with four local industry marketing directors from TikTok, the guardian, amazon and Elsevier, to network and mentor university students, build their confidence in connecting with professionals when entering the workforce, provide career advice to recent graduates and develop their interpersonal and social skills.

The event was a great success and the students from the Romeciti community had the opportunity to have an inspiring conversation and learn from the industry mentors. We wish all the university residents the best of luck and hope that the Romeciti Group will not forget its commitment to creating green and healthy homes to grow with you!




Uncategorised | 02.12.2022
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