Natura has been awarded in the GHDA-Global Habitat Design Awards 2021-2022

Natura is pleased to announce that in the GHDA-Global Habitat Design Awards 2021-2022, Natura has been awarded in the Residential Architecture category for its outstanding quality and superior architectural concept from more than 1,100 projects that entered the awards.

During the evaluation process, Natura was recognized and selected for its cutting-edge design concepts such as “The Perfect Combination of Nature and Luxury”, “Green Technology Homes” and “Most Cohesive Community”. The jury considered the project to be artistic in design, while taking into account the comfort and practicality of the environment and space.

The jury also commented, “Natura’s application of intelligent home applications and incorporation of new materials is amazing.” With a total of more than 10 core smart and green technologies, Natura is a truly green technology home within Sydney and beyond.


Uncategorised | 15.02.2023
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