Dear owners,
As our new home – the new landmark NATURA, is approaching completion, the [Romeciti Smart Home Customization Upgrade Plan] has now been officially launched to make sure to bring a better living experience to all owners. This plan aims to keep our property updating with the latest technology. Now, an integrated solution for upgrading your home devices from sourcing products, installation to after-sales service has been launched. From now on, the NATURA owners can apply to upgrade the facility via the following application form.

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This upgrade of smart sanitary is an excellent selection which has been designed and tested by Romeciti Green Technology Research Centre. Romeciti has selected products with the advantages of high quality, good price and better services, to meet the requires of the vast majority of our residents in the Romeciti community.

Better Quality

Australian owned Brand with Hydro certification

The Smarto electric toilet bathroomware seat is an local Australian brand, the products which has passed the Australian quality certification and hydropower testing(RCM & WATERMARK), to ensure that ensures the safety of using and productand service life of its products. , tThe product also meets the Australian water pressure test & Voltage requirements. For more product information of the product please click here for details.

Competitive Price

Premium Romeciti Community

Smarto bathroomware is one of the most competitive product in terms of both quality and price.
The Romeciti has offered an exclusive price for the residence from our community and an additional $300 allowance for our customers who choose to upgrade to the Smarto bathroomware.

All-round services

Solution = Product + Free installation + After-sale services

Customers who choose to upgrade can leave everything to us. We will install, test and manage the products and liaise with the supplier on behalf of our customers within the 3 years of product warranty.

Australian hydro certified

Designed to meet Australian high quality standards, and trailed, tested and trusted by Australia far and wide.

Free Installation

The installation will be done by the professionals from our supplier to ensure the best customer experience.

3 years’ warranty and onsite services

The supplier provides a 3 years’ warranty for the product. You can either contact the supplier or call us for a door-to-door free maintenance service.

Upgrade Description

1. The free installation is an SURFACE wire/PIPE installation, “see picture below for how SURFACE LINE/PIPE installation works” .

2. Installation/warranty service will be provided by the product supplier. You can contact the supplier if you have any question about the installation or warranty services.

3. The Smarto bathroomware upgrade has been optimized for WALL-FACED TOILET. (There is risk of fault installation if residences purchased and installed their own smart bathroomware.)

Application Instruction

6 September – 20 September

Apply Online

Apply online through the form above. Please fill in your property information including the type of upgrade and how many bathrooms you would like to be upgraded to. After receiving your application, our customer support team will contact you to confirm the ordering and provide payment information.

8 September – 22 September

Payment verification

Upon receipt of your application, Romeciti will confirm the order with you via e-mail and phone. Once the application is confirmed you can make payments by clicking the payment link in the email. Your application will be registered after your payment is successfully processed.

From 30 Octorber

Installation & Test

The installation and test will be arranged 8 weeks after your order being confirmed. You can check the installation progress by sending us an email with your case number.