No one should miss out on their dream home because of temporary difficulties

As a much-trusted developer and service provider committed to offering quality lifestyle products, Romeciti always believes that ‘no one should miss out on their dream home because of temporary difficulties’.

It is always an honor to witness the excitement and desire from our clients every time when Romeciti presents an astonishing product to them, and yet we feel great empathy for those who have encountered temporary difficulties while they are just one step away from owning their dream homes.

This year, the circumstances have been even tougher for some, especially. Many people have suffered financial impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst the most conservative valuation strategy now widely adopted by the vast majority of lending institutions, that is referencing the lowest local price as market value, has also resulted in many people finding it harder to reach their “dream home”.

Romeciti believes that such evaluation method is far from reflecting the true value of high-end residential products, and for those who see the real future value in these properties, it should not be the reason to block their dreams, Thus Romeciti, with full confidence in our projects, not only will offer a premium residential products for our clients, we will also committed to provide various financial services to help our clients to overcome the temporary difficulties. The Gap finance recently launched is just one of them.

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Uncategorised | 27.10.2020
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