NSW Government’s Design Authority visited Natura

As the most exclusive high-end residential development in Macquarie and the surrounding area, NATURA has not only set new records for valuation, sale price and rental price, but has also received recognition and acknowledgement from industry authorities.

On 2 August 2020, a team from the NSW Government’s Design Authority visited Natura. The purpose of the visit was to examine NATURA as a prime example of an outstanding project in NSW, as the NSW Government Design Authority is the selection committee for major NSW government projects. Led by NATURA’s architects, nearly 30 Design Authority staff toured NATURA’s distinctive common areas and large flat units to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project’s overall and detailed design and construction. The quality and design of the project was well received by all the designers present and will be recommended for the NSW Professional Excellence in Architecture Awards.
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Uncategorised | 15.02.2023
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