Romeciti – Nursing a green future

With the recent acquisition of the North Rocks Greenery and its holdings, Romeciti has secured their own exclusive supply of mature plants.

Romeciti builds green communities. Luxury residences where a beautifully landscaped garden is just as much an integral part of the design, as each individual residence. With every project, each garden brings with it challenges and limitations.

Seedlings take time to become saplings, then they take time to become trees. Once construction has commenced, it can be difficult to find the plants you need and that lush green garden you saw in the brochure when you purchased your property, may not be ready when you move in, sometimes for several years.

Early on, when the vision of Romeciti’s Green City residences was laid out, it was clear that ensuring they would have the plants they needed for all their properties was imperative. As Romeciti Spokesperson Mark Grzic explained: 

Romeciti’s residences are green cities from day one. Once we had decided on that, the decision to have our own nursery was the next logical step.”

With the decision made, Romeciti set out to find a nursery with the experience and skills to meet their current, and future needs. The North Rocks Greenery was a family run business of experts that had provided high-quality plants, landscaping supplies and garden maintenance services for almost 40 years. With this level of expertise at their disposal, Romeciti had no hesitation in purchasing the nursery, thereby securing the ability to meet their greenery requirements for all future projects.

The added benefit they discovered, in owning a nursery, was that they could upgrade the gardens of existing projects. This was particularly noticeable at the Maida Green development in Epping, where residents found their property being upgraded well into the construction stage.

It is this commitment to the residents and investors that drives Romeciti to take a long-term approach to all their projects and ensures that quality, luxury and nature are more than just words on a brochure.



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