Romeciti Green Life
Scholarship Program


Romeciti is widely known as a lifestyle provider that builds beautiful communities. Romeciti embraces a “Green Life” philosophy with every development which is the focus on the happiness and wellbeing of residents. With this vision, Romeciti has developed a unique Green Life Community Circle where businesses that shares similar values work with us to build an engaged, happy and healthy community.


To expand this unique community circle, Romeciti is proud to present a $100,000 Green Life Music Scholarship Program with The ONE Smart Piano School. Romeciti acknowledges the importance of music and the happiness that it brings to families; and therefore would like to use this scholarship to support and reward those who demonstrate extraordinary talents in music.


Romeciti welcomes all like-minded businesses and institutions to join this unique Green Life Community Circle.

1. Bi-annual Scholarship Award

The Green Life “Sound of Music” Bi-annual Scholarship Award

  • The number of winners: 3
  • Prize: $1000 worth of prizes per winner, contact Rommie below for details of prizes.


Application requirement and procedures:

  • You will needs to be enrolled as a student at The ONE Music School to be considered for this scholarship
  • Every year The ONE will conduct two rounds of selection, in March and August.
  • The ONE will select two “Best Performance” and “Best Improvement” award from each class. Total fourteen students will receive recognition from The ONE every six month.
  • Romeciti will then select three high achievers amongst these fourteen students and award them with “The Green Life Sound of Music Scholarship” every six months.
  • Romeciti will present the scholarship during the performance events held in April and September
2. Special Scholarship Award

The Green Life “Star of Tomorrow” Special Scholarship Award

  • The number of winners: Case by Case
  • Prize: $2000 worth of prizes per winner, contact Rommie for details of prizes.


Application requirement and procedures:

  • Anyone between the age of 5 and 85 who has an interest in music are eligible to apply
  • Application open once a year from 1st July to 1st August. All application will be review by Romeciti over the month of August. All winners will be informed prior to all award presentation
  • All application will need to be in video format and send to
  • The purpose of this scholarship is to award and help anyone who is to develop their talents.
  • The video submitted by the applicant must make some connection with Romeciti’s “Green Life” concept. Applicants can show case their own lifestyle, whether it be their hobbies, extracurricular activities, or the simple things in life, while at the same time showcasing their creativity and talent in Music. The video can be in English or Chinese.Romeciti will review these video application based on creativity.
  • Winner’s video will be played during The ONE September event. Romeciti will also present the scholarship during the event.

Romeciti aims to be more than a property developer and believes that an ideal community includes:

  • Green City – luscious landscapes, plenty of open spaces and use of smart technology to provide convenience to the daily lives of our residents
  • Green Guard – abundance of useful facilities, ongoing maintenance and upgrade for these facilities, high quality value added customer service
  • Green Life – a unique community circle that provides a sense of belonging and involvement both in and outside of an apartment complex. Activities in this community circle involves a variety of regular events, social gathering, special promotions, exclusive benefits and collaborations.


All Romeciti customers or the customers of businesses who have joined the Romeciti Green Life Community Circle will enjoy special membership benefits. Businesses currently included in the Green Life Community Circle include:

  • Sunny Stone Gardens
  • Camden Nurseries
  • Kevin Sobels Winery
  • The ONE music School
  • Romeciti Golf Club

Romeciti’s vision is to be known as the “lifestyle provider” and is committed to building communities that residents will happily call home.
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