DATE & TIME: 12pm – 3pm, 23/11/2019VENUE:Event space 2, the Connection, 30 Shoreline Dr, Rhodes NSW 2138Closing date for application: 18/11/2019Entry requirements: Children from 3 to 9 years who are interested in music and piano, are welcome to apply.Competition:Candidates are required to give a talent performance on the stage, three judges will score based on their performance given, according to several criterias. The winner will be announced by the end of audition.Awards:

One winner of “Green Life Star” will be selected at the AuditionThe winner will receive a $2,000 Australian dollars Romeciti Green life Scholarship and become Green Life community superstar, to enjoy specially designed Romeciti “Green life Star” music program.

Other candidates will be offered a complimentary gift based on their performance.

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Romeciti is a local property development and lifestyle service provider, with its unique “Green Life” concept it is committed to providing community members with comfortable, convenient and enriched lifestyles.

The $100,000 Music Scholarship Program with The ONE Music School is one of the “Green Life” projects dedicated to reward students who have great talents in music and also those who are passionate about music, to provide them with a good opportunity for development.

Romeciti “Green Life Star”

The competition will select one winner at the live performance to be awarded as – Romeciti “Green Life Star”

  • $2,000 Australian dollar scholarship provided by Romeciti
  • Romeciti “Green City” specially designed “Green Life Star”music program
  • Romeciti Community superstar

Other awards include:

  • Second Prize (2): prizes of $200 AUD in value(restaurant coupon, wine or bonsai, etc) + Rommie Toy
  • • Third Prize (3): Exquisite trophy + Rommie Toy

“Green Life Star” music program

Romeciti “Green Life Star” will have the opportunity to access these programs (not limited to):

  • Instructions and guidance from professional music institutions
  • Recommendation to Australian Musical Examination Board for international music certificate authentication
  • Published in Romeciti “Green Life” magazine, to become Romeciti Community superstar
  • Invited to give a solo performance at Romeciti event of over 500 people.


1. Every candidate will be given 1 to 3 minutes for their performance, subject to the judges’ decision.
2. The candidates enter the competition according to the sequence of registration.
3. If the candidate needs audio support, please save it in USB disk and provide it to our staff when signing in on the day, or send it through We-chat or email to Rommie, our customer service department before 18th Nov 2019
4. Romeciti Green Life Star must be jointly selected by 3 judges and will be announced after the competition.
5. The judges’ score, according to the following 5 criterias. The total score is 10, with each part of the score as follows,

  • Self-introduction (2)
  • Performing Style (2)
  • Creativity of Costume (2)
  • Fluency and confidence in answering the questions (2)
  • Artistic Expression (2)
  • The Total Score (10)