This plan is only apply for The Eastwood Collection project!



In the Australian property industry, interior finishes and colour schemes are very much a standardised process. Romeciti on the other hand sees the importance of customisation based on the different needs of our residents.


Romeciti believes customisation is the next trend in residential apartment project and allowing customers to choose interior inclusion more than just light/dark colour scheme or a simple packaged upgrade may be able to provide a much needed convenience to residents.


Romeciti will be allowing customers who purchased Eastwood Collection project to select customisable items in the landscaping and in-home smart technology catagories. In future, more and more customisable catagories will be added such as floorplans customisation, indoors and ourdoor greenery selection, smart in-home technology selection,VIP services and more.


Within these two catagories of customisations, there are both free and fee-paying packages, so customers are able to select based on their needs.


Our customers are also able to select customisation packages based on their family member. Families with elderly people can select “Downsizer package” which include items such as extra handles in bathrooms, shower seats and emergency buttons which families without elder people can select “High-tech fashion package”which include items such as security upgrade, sensored lighting systems.


As many in-home smart technology requires access to Wifi, Romeciti will equip the building with free wifi so that as soon as residents move in, they will be able to experience the convenience of these upgrades immediately.