The event regarding introducing nursery and plants to our community hosted in March has successfully enhanced the living standard of “Green Life” at Romeciti.

“This event means a lot to us. Although we are fond of plants, we find it time-consuming to go to a flower shop for some greens. Now since you have introduced the plants to our community, it’s really convenient for us to choose the plants we like to have at home.” A resident of Natura said so.

——Natura Owner

An owner of Eastwood central I said, “I want to thank you for organizing the event. The timing of it is perfect since we just moved in to our new home and wanted to have some plants to decorate our place.”

——Eastwood Central Stage I Owner

An owner of Smith’s who is interested in plants but didn’t have much experience on growing them told us that they felt such a relief after today’s event since she learnt a lot about how to take care of the plants in the right way.

——Smith’s Owner


As planned, Romeciti “Green Life” community event was held on March 16 amongst a casual vibe. The gloomy weather didn’t stop our members actively engaging in the activities and enjoying their time with family. They spoke highly of the well-organized event and appreciated the efforts our “Green Life” team had put in.

By 11 AM, our professional gardeners from Camden Nursery, a subsidiary of Romeciti Group, had delicately decorated the venue with a full truck of plants, turning the space into a garden center.

Decorated with abundant plants, the specialized areas animated the venue and enlightened the space.

At the handcraft workshop, the participants planted the greens with the guidance from the gardeners. The balcony design show was on the left-hand side, inspired our clients who are interested in creating a lively balcony with the innovative ideas showcased in the sample room.

Our members also spent time at the seasonal sale area, located on the right-hand side, where they found a wide range of lovely plants suitable for garden and balcony.

As always, the event was organized under high quality and high standard. Apart from handcraft workshop and seasonal sales, the interactive activities attracted the elders and children, including comic portrait and lucky lotteries.


Our members arrived at 2 PM as scheduled. Parents and children planted the lovely potted plants together. Do you know what these beautiful plants are? Which looks like the one for your balcony? How experienced gardeners would take care of them?

Check out the balcony designed by the gardeners! Does it inspire you a new way to decorate your balcony?

Let’s take a break from the plants and have a cute comic portrait.

Everyone was enjoying themselves.

We queued for the lucky draw and were wondering who would be the luckiest. Green coupon and free plants brought happiness to everyone and the luckiest two members came back home with the large plants.

Advanced Romeciti “Green Life” living cycle

The event has a unique meaning for “Green Life” team and our community members as all the plants come from Romeciti’s subsidiary nursery, an organization strategically merged in our “Green Life” cycle.


The event enabled us to introduce the nursery to our community, provide services to family and further advance the “Green Life” cycle to bring convenience to the residents of Romeciti.

In the future we will further promote our industrial platforms, such as the nursery, to bring more convenience and benefits to our clients.

Meanwhile, the “Green Life” manual is to be published where members of Romeciti community can find the scope of our service and the coupon available for Romeciti’s subsidiary garden center, winery, café and restaurant.

We believe that with diligence and care our service and products will be further advanced to better serving our clients.


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