The Mayor of Ryde City Council come to visitor our Eastwood project


It was an honor for Romeciti to tour Mr. Jerome Laxale, Mayor of Ryde City Council, around our Eastwood project. We sincerely thank the Ryde City Council for their recognition of Romeciti’s contribution to the local community.



During an interview with Romeciti’s representative Nicole Gaza, Mayor Laxale stated “…When we get approaches to redevelop Eastwood and beautify the landscaping, this is something I take an active interest in because this is also my ward where I’m elected. I’m happy with what’s happened at Glen St. Eastwood’s going through a major transformation at the moment…”

He also gave some insight into the ‘Eastwood, Glen St – Car Park Redevelopment Plan’, a highly anticipated project among the local community.


As a developer and lifestyle provider, it is always a pleasure for Romeciti to work alongside and contribute to the urban revitalization plan of Ryde City Council, in particular, the ‘Eastwood, Glen St – Car Park Redevelopment Plan’ as mentioned by Mayor Laxale.



Uncategorised | 16.10.2020
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