Your smile is our greatest satisfaction! —— Eastwood Central owner’s journey home

On November 12, 2018, Romeciti welcomed Eastwood Central I owners to “return home” for the first time (Pre-settlement inspection)!

Accompanied by the “Green Guard” and the project team, the property owners set foot on a warm and romantic journey home. During the two days, every owner felt the warmth and comfort of their newly constructed property. They spoke highly of the quality of the project and admired the sincerity and endeavour of the developer. Everyone’s face was full of smiles in joy!

Everyone’s happy smile is our greatest satisfaction!


In the past few days, the entire Romeciti project team and the Green Guard team have been actively preparing for the owner’s “Home Return” journey.

Although the pre-inspection before the settlement is a conventional procedure in the real estate development, yet according to Romeciti’s quality standard, the owner should be able to feel the temperature of their new home with the first sight.

“Romeciti reckons that, property developers should strictly control every point in the project link in terms of quality, and perfectly present all aspects and details before an owner comes to his or her new home. In this way, the owners are assured to feel relaxed and also, the “joy of harvesting” when settling the new property, without any worries.”

In order to achieve the “Romeciti Standard”, we have upgraded the landscape of the entire project, with the advantage of our self-operated nursery industry.


Regardless of the difficulty and complication, we managed to plant mature trees of about 2 meters in height in the outdoor area on the first floor of the building using cranes, to bring more liveliness to the building.

We have also upgraded all the plants of public space to mature and lush plants;

The entrance lobby has been upgraded into a luxurious space, with fresh and prosperous hanging baskets making the building more interesting and lavish;

We have decorated the public spaces on all floors with specially selected artistic paintings in different themes, so the space on each floor is full of art and style.

In order to achieve the desired effect, the entire Romeciti team worked together in a coordinated and orderly manner; the project design team designed an upgrade plan based on the existing building space and floor plan, and drew out specific effects; marketing and interior teams created soft loading effect for the space according to existing space; the Romeciti nursery team selected plants according to the design, carried out the upgrade, and responsible for daily maintenance.


In order to achieve the “Romeciti Standard”, we have also upgraded all the units with new technology and checked every detail for quality of the project.

We pre-installed the “Mi Smart Family Set” for every unit, including Door and Window alarm and induction night light!

Our “Green Guard” team has double examined the quality of each unit from a homeowner perspective, and has certified the units with “Romeciti Standard” for building materials and facilities in the indoor area.


To make every home owner feel like coming home, we have carefully arranged and decorated the reception hall.

We have arranged and decorated Shop 1 of the project which is along the street into a refined reception space, to make every home owner feel the care of the “Green guard” and “Green life”.

In the middle of next year, this shop will be transformed into a “Green Life” cafe with fun and stylish features full of “Romeciti Style”. All of our owners can relax and enjoy their leisure and comfortable green life here.

At the same time, it will also become a “Green Guard” and “Green Life” customer service centre. Property owners of the Romeciti community can directly enquire our staff here, about all their questions relating to Green Life and Green Guard

In addition, we have prepared beautiful bouquets and exquisite gifts for each owner. In return, every owner smiled deep from their heart.

Although everyone in the Romeciti team worked very hard and busy, we all felt from the bottom of our hearts that all these efforts are worthwhile when we saw those smiles.


It is your recognition and feedback that drives us for continuous improvement.

Thank you for all your recognition and love. At the same time, we always welcome your criticisms and suggestions, and will continue to improve in the future.

In regards to the quality of the property and community activities, please also pay attention to our “Green Guard, Green Life” dedicated customer service number, our customer service “Rommie” will assist you as soon as possible!


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